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Enjoy hiking with others in our local mountains, beaches,  elsewhere in California and beyond. In past years we have had hikes in the Sierras (Mt Whitney) and the Grand Canyon (North Rim to South Rim via Phantom Ranch).  The upcoming local hikes are as follows:

Upcoming Hikes:

Here’s a report (dated 3/29/2017) from hike leader Sabine:

Hello Hikers,

You probably all know I broke my kneecap recently in Mammoth (not on the slopes). I had to have surgery and today was my first doctor’s visit after. I will not be hiking for the next few months, but we should keep the hiking going, maybe not every week, but maybe twice a month or so. I’m looking for volunteers to lead a hike (or more). You send me your email, the (Thursday) date you want to do it, and I’ll send out the announcement and the directions.

Choose a hike you like ( for ex. Iron Mountain, Cowles Mtn., Lake Poway, Ramona Reservoir, PQ Canyon and Lake Hodges have several hikes available, San Clemente Canyon, San Elijo lagoon or others). Keith, Marina, and Karl have already volunteered in the past.

Let’s do it!

Hiking update:  Good news!  Our hiking leader Sabine is now back in action (somewhat limited) as of last August. Please check your e-mail for the latest hiking information.

Contact Sabine Alberti at albertisabine@gmail.com or sabinalb@pacbell.net for additional details.  DDSC members receive detailed hike information via e-mail the weekend prior to each hike. Join our hikes and RSVP also at our Meetup page at



Picnics/Beach Parties:

See our Newsletter for upcoming picnics and other informal events. Our annual summer beach picnic (typically in August) affords the opportunity to enjoy sailing, horseshoes, canoeing, BBQ and other fun activities.

Music/Social Activities:

  • Concerts at various locations
  • Annual Xmas holiday party
  • Wine tasting parties
  • Padres baseball/tailgating partied
  • Mammoth summer activities (e.g. Wine Festival, Jazz Festival)